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Seafire Automatic Fire Extinguisher FG50A

Part Number: FG50A

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Seafire Automatic Fire Extinguisher FG50A

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  • FG Series systems come complete with marine approved mounting brackets and face plate, factory installed pressure switch, standard remote LED discharge indicator and instruction manual.

• All FG fire suppression systems are non refillable.

Approvals: CE Certification, DNV Approved, RINA, US Coast Guard Approved Sea-Fire is the world’s leading brand in marine fire suppression and monitoring equipment, offering a crucial part of the onboard safety equipment inventory, giving piece of mind and constant protection to your vessel 24/7. Designed to protect enclosed machinery spaces such an engine compartment, Sea-Fire’s high quality fire suppression systems are clean, safe and very fast acting to any on-board fire incident. Unlike conventional dry power extinguishers, Sea-Fire FM200 and Novec™ 1230 fire suppression systems leave no mess or potentially corrosive residue to metal parts and will not cause damage to expensive machinery or sensitive electronics. Both products are also harmless to life at the correct designed concentration. MARINE FIRE SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY • Fire suppression systems designed for one unit to protect a complete enclosed compartment • A range of Pre-Engineered fire suppression systems protecting spaces from 0.7m3 to 51m3. Larger engineered systems available to order. • Choice of FM-200 or Novec 1230 extinguisher agents • Heat activated Auto only, Auto/manual or manual only extinguisher systems are available • Extinguisher systems include mounting bracket, standard remote LED discharge indicator • Factory installed pressure switch for optional electrical control systems including engine shutdown and air exchange equipment, (always recommended for diesel engine applications).

• Optional remote manual cable release, engine/electrical shut down systems, heat sensors and fire suppression system monitoring panels • Approved by major global marine classification societies.

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