About Us

Brian Ward the founder of Brian Ward Marine Equipment


  • Brian was born in 1943
  • Brian attended St. Faiths Primary School and Hellesdon Secondary Modern High School
  • In 1959 Brian began his apprenticeship as a vehicle electrician with Busseys in Norwich and attended Norwich City College 1 day a week where he obtained his City & Guilds certificate
  • In 1969 Brian started working at Moonraker Marine in Brundall as a marine electrician
  • In 1972 Brian moved to Lancer Marine in Lowestoft to work as a marine electrician
  • In 1974 Brian became self-employed finishing off customers boats following the collapse of Lancer Marine and then working at many boatyards around the Norfolk Broads mainly wiring out the hire fleet boats but also for boat builders and wiring out the workshops and factories too. Including many years spent at Bounty Boats, Brister Craft, Trend Marine , The Lifeboats and many others
  • Between 1976 and 1980 Brian spent a short time wiring boats in Brazil and France
  • Brian had started supplying boatyards with parts, as well as using the equipment on his own jobs from his garage at home, but soon out grew this
  • In 1986 Brian moved into Station House to further sales of electrical and marine equipment and continued to work around the local boatyards
  • In 1988 The engraving department was started, making labels and panels primarily for the boats he was wiring out and this grew to make panels for other boatbuilders just as it continues to do so today
  • In 1991 Tanya joined the business to help in the stores allowing Brian to continue boat electrical work and spend more time in the engraving department
  • In 1997 Jonathan joined the business after finishing his apprenticeship with the Eastern electricity board to work in the engraving department
  • In 2000 Nick joined the business and works in sales.
  • In 2003 we took on the old station waiting room and moved our showroom
  • In 2004 we bought our largest full colour digital print and cut plotter to cope with the increasing demand of sign and label work
  • In 2009 we built our workshop for the panel making and printing machines freeing up the rest of the old building for more stock rooms
  • In 2009 we launched our first website
  • In 2009 we started exhibiting at shows in Crick, Southampton and other local events
  • In 2010 we replaced 2 of our engraving machines and added a CNC router
  • In 2014 we launched our new website and celebrated our 40th anniversary
  • In November 2015 Brian sadly passed away
  • In January 2019 our newest website was launched
  • In 2020 we had to adapt and learn how to trade in the new world with Covid-19.  and “perspex”.  A very challenging year but we continue to strive.