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12v 25A ‘Quick’ Battery Charger 3 Bank

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Three stage battery charging. Multiple outputs in order to charge more groups of batteries (Electronic mosfet charge separator inside). Differentiated charging for open or sealed liquid electrolite, GEL or AGM batteries. Integrated fuses inside the battery chargers (for each output). Ability of providing full output power with low supply voltage. The possibility of using the battery charger as a power supply without batteries Low residual fluctuation on output. Universal AC supply input (264 ÷ 83 Vac, 45 ÷ 66 Hz). Compatible with every kind of generator. Can work in a wide range of ambient temperatures. Variable speed for the cooling fans. Protections: Reverse polarity (with internal fuses) Overload Output short circuit Overvoltage in output OverheatingCharge Absorption Voltage 14.1v DCCharge Float Voltage 13.5 v – 13.8v DC (GEL/AGM 13.6v DC)3 OutputCooling FanDimensions: 114x253x71mmWeight 1.6Kg

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