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2Kg Fire Extinguisher 13A/55B



2.0KG ABC FIRE EXTINGUISHER 13A 55B  Fully approved under BSEN3 with full approval mark (L.P.C.B) and CE mark. This extinguisher is suitable for A, B, and C class fires. Wood, paper, textiles, also petrol, paints, oil, and electrical equipment up to 1000 volts. Ideal for boats, office, workplace, workshop, store room, warehouse, shops, schools. Also Trucks and Vans up to 7.5ton. Fully complies with the EN3 requirements, British Waterways Approved. Total weight 3.6kg full. H=390mm x D=115mm 5 year warranty  ADVANTAGES: Dry powder has a very quick knockdown when correctly applied Safe to use on Electricity up to 1000 volts Good on running fires such as petrol, diesel, oils. Creates no thermal shock for fires onto hot metal, very useful on undercarriage fires. Good heat shield, dry powder creates an effective shield against radiated heat Dry powder can be used on all class fires, A, B, CBOAT SAFETY COMPLIANT

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