33c ‘Supreme’ Control Cables



Grade – Super Premium, Colour – Red. TFXTREME uses a unique splined core wire to achieve the “impossible”. Its ridges allow a close fit with the cables inner liner, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth like a skater on ic e. Particularly suitable for dual stations. Minimum bend radius 100mm. Universal for most outboard, outdrive and inboard units. Stainless steel end fitting and cable wire. Standard rod 10-32UNF threaded ends. Nominal 75 mm travel.

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Weight 1 kg
Control Cables

10' (3.03m), 14' (4.24m), 15' (4.55m), 18' (5.45m), 20' (6.1m), 21' (6.4m), 24' (7.27m), 25' (7.58m), 27' (8.23m), 28' (8.53m), 30' (9.14m), 32' (9.75m)

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