9-32v Dimmer Module 120w



This is a low voltage 12V or 24V PWM lamp and LED dimmer module controlled by a two position centre-off rocker switch or two push buttons for ‘increase brightness’ and ‘decrease brightness.

‘The ‘Brighter’ and ‘Dimmer’ inputs should be switched to positive through a suitable rocker switch or push buttons – a centre-off momentary rocker switch is ideal. When the rocker or push button is pressed in the ‘Brighter’ direction, the lamps will get brighter, conversely for the ‘Dimmer’ direction. A brief press of the switch will increase or decrease the brightness a small amount. If the switch is pressed continuously, the brightness will increase or decrease for as long as the switch is held, until either the fully-on or fully-off state is reached. The ‘switch’ can be any kind of switch, including relay contacts, but it must be switched to the positive supply voltage.

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