Anti-freeze 3.78ltr – 46degrees celcius



Used full strength will provide -46 degrees Celsius burst protection.

NOTE: if you are winterising any unit with PVC (plastic) pipes and temperatures drop below -23 degrees Celsius we recommend using – 73 degrees Celsius anti-freeze.

DIRECTIONS FOR WATER SYSTEM WINTER LAY-UP. 1. Drain entire water system as thoroughly as possible. Open the hot and cold faucets as well as all other outlets. Blow out as much water as possible with air pressure. 2. Drain hot water tank – leave petcock open after draining. By-pass hot water tank by disconnecting the inlet and outlet lines and connect them together with fittings or hose and clamps. 3. Add anti-freeze to potable water system. 4. Pressurise your system or turn on demand pump. 5.Starting with the furthermost faucet , open each faucet and allow the anti-freeze to flow until coloured liquid appears then close the faucet. 6. Repeat step 5 at each fresh water outlet. 7. Flush toilet several times to ensure complete drainage. NOTE. Make sure holding tank is thoroughly drained. 8. Activate the pump valve several times to be sure there is sufficient anti-freeze to protect waste system.

THEN IN SPRING. Flush the entire system thoroughly with fresh water for 15-20 minutes until all the coloured anti-freeze is removed from system and is not visible.

FOR ENGINE WINTERIZATION. 1. Make all necessary repairs to cooling system prior to treatment. 2. Follow engine manufacturer’s procedure for draining coolant. 3. Fill engine cooling system with -46 degrees Celsius anti-freeze – DO NOT DILUTE. When engine is put back into service, drain this anti-freeze and replace with Star brite Bio safe anti-freeze.

CAUTIONARY INFORMATION. This product contains propylene glycol and is not considered toxic. It is however not intended for human or animal consumption. This product may be harmful if swallowed. Store safely away from children and pets. Do not store in open or unlabelled containers. Clean up any leaks or spills. Dispose of used anti-freeze properly, according to government regulations. This anti-freeze contains corrosion inhibitors which protect against rust and corrosion of aluminium, copper, solder and brass. It will not harm rubber or other hose and gasket materials.

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