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Aqua Rinse Plus – New Formula. Effective toilet fluid for flush water tank – Septic Tank Safe. Keeps The Flush Water Clean.Suitable for daily useEnsures a more effective and smoother flushLeaves a protective layer in the toilet bowlImproves hygiene as solids attach less easilyPrevents scalePleasant lavender scentContains biodegradable ingredientsSuitable for disposal into septic tanksSuitable for plastic and ceramic toilet bowlsInstructions:Add aqua rinse plus to the flush water tank before filling the tank with water.Dose 100ml per 15ltr flush waterDiluted aqua rinse plus in the flush water tank lasts an average of 1 month at a maximum of 35 deg C.Aqua rinse plus ends up in the holding tank – Empty tank eclxusively at a designated location or pump out station

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