Arbo Mast BR Butyl Based Sealing Compound 380cc GREY



Arbo Mast BR Butyl Based Sealing CompoundTypical Applications – Sealing of joints (Not exposed to sunlight)Steel stanchions to concreteSry storage tank, plate jointsLap joints between building componentsGalvanised steel sections e.g farm buildings, silosSteel floor platesEngineering, commercial vehiclesCaravan constructionFlanges in air ductingBrickwork, bolts, fittings etc.Marine bedding of deck fittings and flangesApplication: Joint surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose material, dust or grease. To use: Cut off cartridge seal, cut nozzle to required size, attach nozel to cartridge. Extrude the sealant firmly against the joint surfaces to ensure good complete contact. Tool the sealant into the joint to compact and give good surface appearance.380ml tube

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