Clearance Lines – Call to order


We have a lot of clearance lines from Dinghy Sails to Nav Lights and Old Heater Parts:

S50 Aqua Signal Nav Lights

DHL All round red and Green lights

240v Light Bulbs

TMC Toilet Spares

Ardic heater spares – cases/heat exchanger/fuel pipes/combustion silencer

Very small amount of hot air ducting

Remotron 1500 (77077) Exhaust Intake Kit

Various outside home and garden lights, wall mounted carriage lanterns and pir lights (240v)

40A Diode Splitters Positive Earth

TWC Regulators ‘Positive’

TWC Brush Holders

Lucas Alternator Pulleys & Fan Belts

Lewden Industrial Metal Wall Sockets 5A & 15A round pin and 13A

125mm Rubber Wheels

Dinghy Covers

9’6 Dinghy Sails

2ft and 5ft Light Diffusers

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