Fire Extinguisher FE36 AUTO 1Kg



Clean Agent Gas (Halon replacement) Automatic Fire Extinguishers are ideal to protect and combat fires in the engine compartments such as in boat or large vehicle. R- 236 Clean agent automatic extinguishers are a very good choice to protect computer rooms, high value assets or other delicate instrument from fire, as they leave behind no harmful residue. Only one unit should be installed in any one compartment in order to provide the total protection required for that area. The unit required is determined by the gross volume of that compartment.Manufactured in the UK. Clean Agent Gas: Ozone friendly Halon replacement. Leaves no residue. Safe for use on live electrical fires. Stored pressure. Supplied with powder coated metal transport bracket. Brass valve with easy to read pressure gauge. Fully complient with the European Pressure Equipment Directive. 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty.Max Are Protected: 1.7 cubic.m

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