Gazelle Omni-directional Mobile TV Aerial



The Gazelle Pro is an omni-directional TV and radio aerial designed for mobile and touring vehicles. Featuring a unique mounting foot, the Gazelle Pro has been designed with performance and sleek aerodynamics at its core.


By receiving signals through 360 degrees, the
Gazelle Pro requires no manual directional alignment
for effortless use. Simply re-scan and watch TV.

Sleek Aerodynamic Design

The low profile and streamline design not only
makes the Gazelle look great, but also offers
aerodynamic benefits when travelling.

Compact Roof Mounting

The compact size occupies minimal roof space,
allowing it to be mounted in almost any position.

Variable Signal Booster

2 outputs and adjustable gain control from 0-19dB
allows the user to maximise signal in both high
and low signal strength areas.

Telescopic VHF Aerial Option

The telescopic VHF aerial can be attached to provide
FM and DAB radio channels as well as some TV channels
across Europe

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