Gelcoat Filler 2 part – White 200g



GELCOAT PUTTY is a two-component system which was specially devised for “DIY” nautical
applications. Applied just like any other putty ,it provides a glossy varnish-like finish. Any small
imperfection on the existing gelcoat can be removed in one easy step and after polishing, the
damaged area is just as new.
Gelcoat Putty is considerably time saving, since no fillers,varnishes or else are needed

  • Make sure the surfaces are completely dry and perfectly clean. Sand the surface with P 80 or P
    150 sandpaper for best results
  •  Draw the amount needed from the pack with clean tools, adding 1 to 3 grams of hardener per 100
    grams of product
  • Mix the two components well
  • Apply the putty on the surface to be treated, bearing in mind that the product can be sanded after
    about sixty minutes. The hardening time can be altered depending on room temperature;
    temperatures above 25° C shorten it and lower temperatures stretch it
  • Do not put any unused product back in the pack to avoid deterioration of the entire content
  • Close the pack after use to prevent contact with air that can harden the product. After drying
    completely, sand the part with the P80, P240, P400 and 1000 sandpaper; then polish

GEL TIME – 4.5 min


FULL DRY <1 hour

SANDING  After 60 min


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