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GRUNT! Boat Cleaner 1 Ltr – Takes the grunt out of cleaning your boat. Removes:Yellow/brown waterline stains, Rust stains from fittings, Exhaust stains, Bird lime,Limescale,Deeply ingrained dirt and grime,General yellow discolouration.For use on fibreglass, gelcoat, two part and enamel paints only.Gel formulation for application to vertical surfaces. Easy to apply. NO rubbing or scrubbing!. Non abrasive.Directions:  Pour into a suitable container, apply to the surface with a paintbrush, leave for 30 minutes on the surface to gently neutralise and absorb stains. Rinse with a sponge and fresh water. Leave on longer or re-apply for persistent stains or in colder weather.A non-toxic biodegradable cleaning agent containing NO harmful oxalic, muratic or hydroclauric acids. Safe for most surfaces. Keep moist to remain active. May not be suitable for some plastics or aluminium. (test on a small area first)

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