Hard Antifouling 375ml



Hard Antifouling
Suitable for Aluminium Hulls,
Propellers and Boot Tops
A hard antifouling suitable for professional and consumer
application onto vessels in fresh, brackish and salt water.
The hard scrubbable coating is suitable for burnishing to
provide a smoother finish. Providing protection for up to
one year, Hard Antifouling is ideal for fast powerboats
propellers, outdrives, sterngear and the waterline.
In a range of bright colours suitable for all substrates
including aluminium.
Product Features and Benefits
• Formulated for use on aluminium
• Single season protection from fouling organisms; slime,
aquatic plants and animals.
• Available in bright colours
• Offers an alternative solution to Trilux 33 for DIY Boat Owners

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