International Perfection 2 Pack 750ml



International Perfection® Topcoat 2 Pack Paint is the ultimate performing, 2-part polyurethane gloss finish. A chemical cure for the hardest finish and highest abrasion resistance with a unique UV protection for superior long lasting gloss and colour. Professional results made easy with the Perfection Topcoat you can use it above the waterline on hull, deck, bilge and lockers inside and outside your cabin trims. Is a high gloss finish paint suitable for substrates such as aluminium and zinc galvanised steel, GRP/FRP, steel and wood. Can be applied with both roller and brush with a practical coverage of up to 11.90 m²/L.

  • Use with thinners No. 9
  • Practical coverage 11.90 m²/L per litre
  • No of coats 2-3
  • Apply with brush or roller
  • International Perfection undercoat recommended
  • For satin finish use polyurethane matting additive
  • For a non slip surface use non slip additive
  • Size 500ml + 250ml
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