‘Meguiars’ Cleaner Wax 473ml



Cleaner wax (one step) – safely removes light oxidation and minor scratches, restores gloss and colour to gel coat, provides superior, durable protection.No. 50 is designed to easily restore colour, brilliance and gloss while adding unsurpassed long-lasting protection in one easy step. It removes light oxidation and haze, minor scratches and swirls, plus it’s anti-corrosive ingredients help fight rust. Powerful protective ingredients provide long-lasting protection against salt air, corrosion and the suns ultraviolet rays.Directions: Shake well, apply to washed and dried surface, always apply on a cool surface in the shade. Working one section at a time, dispense product on a 100% cotton, terry cloth towel or microfibre cloth and rub thoroughly into the surface. Let dry to a haze. Wipe off excess with a seperate clean, 100% cotton, terry cloth towel or microfibre cloth. Repeat on each section of boat or RV. Keep off cloth, vinyl and rubber areas.Bottle 473ml.

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