Original Gloss Varnish



Original Gloss Varnish – A traditional yacht varnish with excellent flexibility, ease of application, good gloss retention, and a high clarity finish suited to most colour timbers.

Important: Stir well before use.

Preparation: Previously varnished wood: In good condition; clean with thinners. Sand smooth with 280-320 grade paper. Remove sanding dust with thinners. In poor condition; remove all previous coatings. Bare wood: Sand smooth with 80-180 and then 280 grade paper. Remove sanding dust by brushing, dusting and wiping. If wiping with thinner allow the surface to dry completely before applying the first coat. Priming bare wood: Thin the first coat by 10-15%

Application: Suitable for brush and roller application. Apply a minimum of 3 full bodied coats, more if using a roller.

Coverage: 9m sq. per 750ml

Cleaners/Thinners: Thinners No. 1 For best results sand smooth between coats with 320-400 grade wet or dry paper. Do not varnish wood while exposed to direct sun light. Avoid using direct from the can. Pour the amount you expect to use into a separate container. Use above the waterline only. If applying by roller lay off with brush or pad Suitable for professional spray application only. Formulated for exterior use

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2.5 Ltr, 375ml, 750ml

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