PAR MAX 2.9 Water System Pump 24v 25psi



The PAR MAX 2.9 water system offers a smooth flow of upto 2.9gpm (10.9lpm) and is fitted with a built-in pulsation dampening by-pass to control unwanted cycling and noise. Quick connect fittings are included for ease of installation.Self priming upto 6-10ft (2-3m) Dry running Soft rubber mounts corrosion resistant Complies with ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition protection) Low noiseLess pulsation in the flow Screw-less diaphragm design eliminates possible leak paths Distinctive style Can eliminate the requirement for an accumulator tank Fittings: Hose barb (1/2″ (13mm)) or NPT (Both supplied) Dimensions: 230L x 110W x 110H Weight: 4lb (1.8Kg) Flow: 0-2.9gpm (0-10.9lpm) Pressure: 25psi (1.7 bar) 12v DC. Fuse rating: 10 Amp 3 Year Warranty

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