Renovo Ultra Proofer 500ml



Renovo Ultra Proofer 500ml

Re-establishes the original ‘as new’ weatherproof weather barrier. UV inhibitor mould & mildew resistant.Application Instructions: please note it is advisable to test on an inconspicuous area prior to use as some colours may appear lighter or darker after application. Dry brush the boat cover to remove any loose dirt and dust. Pour into a suitable container/bowl. Stir well and apply ultra proofer with a new 2″ paintbrush ensuring that the fabric is completely covered. It is best to start in the centre of the cover and as quickly as possible progress towards the edges. Wipe excess drips from paintwork, trims and glass with a damp cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight as this will cause the ultra proofer to dry out too quickly and produce an uneven result. As an approximate guide 1 litre of ultra proofer is usually sufficient for a 5sq. meter cover, allow to dry between coats. Final step: Allow the cover to dry for approx. 3 hour, this will depend on the drying conditions, it will dry out quicker on a warm day.

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