Rudder Position Indicator



Rudder Position Indicator. Improve boating safety by knowing your rudder angle at all times. Avoid steering collisions. Mounts directly to hub with self adhesive pad.Gives instant visual reference of rudder anglePointer swings a full 360 degree with each revolution of the wheelNo cables, adjustments or electricity required, gravity power makes it simple and service freeRugged, hermetically sealed, weatherproof and sunproofSuitable for mechanical and single station hydraulic steering systems Attaches with self-adhesive backing directly to steering wheel hub. Wheels may be inclined 45-90 deg. from horizontal.  Surface must be at least 2″ (51mm) in diameter with centre not more than 1/8″ (3mm) higher than outside of hub.Before mounting, wash the hub with detergent, rinse well with fresh water and wipe dry. Centre steering wheel accurately (rudder straight ahead). Rotate indicator until it reads “wheel centered” (pointer om white index marker). Peel away protective backing from self-adhesive pad and mount indicator by pressing hard against hub.Works on single station hydraulic steering systems only. But remember those systems can slip. Use velcro type materials for mounting (Instead of self-adhesive) so indicator can be easily removed and wheel calibrated if necessary.

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