Seaflo 12v 500gph Bilge Pump



SEAFLO 500 GPH electric bilge pump, the perfect companion for boaters wanting a reliable bilge pump. This submersible pump is designed to efficiently eliminate water from your boat’s bilge, keeping it dry and safe. Operating on a 12 volt system, it provides powerful performance in a compact design

With a pumping capacity of 500 gallons per hour (GPH), it swiftly tackles water accumulation, ensuring peace of mind.

The SEAFLO Bilge Pump features a compact and submersible design, making it easy to install in tight spaces. Its durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials guarantee long-lasting reliability. Stay afloat with confidence, thanks to the SEAFLO 500 GPH electric bilge pump.

12 Volt submersible pump
4 Year warranty
500 Gallons per hour flow rate
¾” (19mm) hose outlet
Current draw 1.6A
Fuse rating 3A
Completely submersible pump
Easy strainer removal
Conforms to ISO 8846 & ISO 8849

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