Sterling Battery Charger 12v 10A 2 Bank



The Pro Charge Ultra range of battery chargers are extremely popular, with multi bank charging and digital meters these are an excellent on board charger.AC Voltage 80-270vAutomatic desulphation/equilisation – Every 7-10 days the charger undertakes a desulphation / equilisation and anti-stratification program which keeps your batteries young and rejuvenatedVoltage and current LED displays Performance monitoring LED bar – A bar of led’s display the percentage to which the charger is operating at. This is easily and quickly recognised at a glance and can be easily analysed32 LED display – 32 led’s built into the front panel provides all the necessary information about the charger including: charging status, battery chemistry select, temperature and voltage warningsRedundant safety system – In the event of a failure the processor provides another safety system to shut off the deviceVariable fan speed – The internal temperature of the device ultimately runs the speed of the fan, this guarantees a minimum possible noise, so called “thermostatically controlled force draft cooling”Programmable power reduction – can charge with variable performance levels – 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. This can be controlled via the front panel or the (optioanl extra) remote panel. Power reduction is often used if the power supply to the charger is inadequate (e.g small generator) but still enables competent levels of battery charging. ANother benefit of power reduction is to reduce fan noise as less heat is liberated2 isolated charge outputs can charge 2 battery banks at the same time, if only 1 output is required a link wire must be fitted to the unused outputDimensions: 260L x 215W x 90D

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