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Sterling ‘Lite’ Power 12V 30A



2 outputs Pro Charge Ultra

Reading this paragraph should be sufficient for 90% of
installers. Connect the Bat 1 and Bat 2 DC outputs to
the respective battery banks, use an appropriate fuse
(40A fuse). Then wire up the negatives (all should be
common). All DC cables should be at least AWG 10-8
(6-10 mmSq). Wire a plug to the AC Live|Earth|Neutral
cable and plug it to a 80V-270VAC (40Hz-70Hz) AC
supply. The charger should turn on and begin charging
both Bank 1 and Bank 2 at the default charging profile
of a sealed lead acid battery (14.4V abs. and 13.6V
float). This profile shall be adequate for most batteries
(please ensure). The charger does not need to be
turned off.
If users wish to install the temperature sensor for a
more accurate seasonal charging rate and for battery
temperature warnings then install onto the negative
terminal of the bank you wish to sensor (typically the
House / Service bank – as depicted)



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