Blue Gee ‘Pink’ Anti Freeze 5Ltr

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Suitable for  drinking water systems – used at full strength -45 degrees C.

Winter Storage Water Systems.

  1. Drain the complete water system. Make sure all taps for hot & cold water as well as all drain points are open. If needed clear with air pressure.
  2. Drain hot water tank and leave bleeding valve open.
  3. Connect hot water inlet with outlet by using fittings or hose clamps.
  4. Add anti freeze (Undiluted) to the system.
  5. Place water system under pressure by using water pump.
  6. Open all taps starting at the fairs point and let the anti freeze flow until it is visible and close the tap.
  7. Make sure toilet and tank are fully drained and rinse several times.
  8. Activate pump valve a couple of times until black water system contains enough anti freeze.
  9. Rinse the system in the spring with clean water for a minimum 30 minutes until anti freeze is removed completely out of the system.

For Engine use refer to engine manual.