Wema Navigation Light Gauge



  • LED gauge
  • 52mm diameter
  • Sold as a kit inclusive of relay box
  • 12v/24v
  • Marine grade – IP67 waterproof
  • Backlight – Red or Yellow

LED navigation light gauge to monitor the status of the navigation lights from the comfort of the helm. If a bulb or a cable connection is broken, the LED on the gauge will turn off, allowing the user to easily see which light needs to be examined.

Available in all standard face and bezel colours to ensure continuity with all other gauges.

1. Cut a 52mm (2 1/16″) diameter hole in the panel.
You will need a minimum clearance of 55mm (2 3/16″) behind the panel to fit the gauge.

2. Remove fastening ring and insert gauge through panel from the front, fit and tighten fastening ring from the rear.

3. Connect wires according to wiring diagram.

Select either Orange or Yellow wires for backlighting. Wire colour corresponds with backlight colour.

4. For optional navigation light and anchoring light, white wire and red wire can connect to the switch separately. As the white wire connects to positive pole, the red wire also connects to positive pole; when only red wire power on, white wire disconnect.

5. If the navigation light is an incandescent bulb, connect one end of bulb to B end, and the other end to the negative pole;

For an LED light, connect the positive pole of LED light to the L end, and the other end to the negative pole;

6. The LED lights D1 to D5 in the gauge will be activated when power is consumed through the navigation lights. A broken circuit, wire or bulbs will deactivate the respective LED in the gauge.

*Note: The input current for B terminal and L terminal must not exceed the scope defined on the label.

7. Insert wire harness into port at the back of the gauge.

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