Z200 Wi-fi Adaptor



The Z-200 is a multi-purpose Wi-Fi adapter capable of picking up Wi-Fi up to 1km away whereas a laptop without it can only receive up to about 50m. Ideal for Boats, Caravans, HGV’s, Motorhomes, Reps and many other applications. Compatible with all versions of Windows (as far back as 98), Mac OSX and Linux. Complete with a step by step image based user guide to keep the process of setting up as simple as possible. Inside the ‘black box’ is a high power wireless card using the latest in wireless-N technology capable of downloading at a whopping 150mb/s with a total output power of 1000mW which is the is the maximum power legally permitted within europe as well as being firewalled as standard for an added layer of security. It can be tidily clipped onto the screen of your laptop or the clip can be removed at is can remain free standing on it’s 4 rubber feet.Two antennas are included in the package and both are weatherproof. The larger antenna of has a 9dbi gain which lends itself to being externally mounted and gets the most out of Z-200 helping it get that 1km range. The smaller of the two is a 5dbi antenna to be attached directly onto the Z-200 itself either when the 9dbi is mounted semi-permanantly or to be used for shorter range external purposes e.g. in a beer garden.An extension base is included in the package allowing the attennas to be externally mounted in a posistion more prefferable for detecting Wi-Fi. The extension base currently has a 1m cable but a 2m extention cable is also available to increase the antenna cable to a total of 3 meters. The Base comes attached with a felt pad out of the box but also with a magnetic replacement to convert it into a mag-mount. if the external surface is a not magnetic one (e.g. grp or alluminium) you can also get one of our self adhesive roof pads to use as a ground plane.

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