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We manufacture engraved labels in a wide range of materials and colours - from one-offs to thousands.

We have a range of machines to cater for each application, for small runs we use our vice machine whilst for larger runs we use the machine as shown opposite where we "nest" labels to get the maximum output.

Large runs of commercial/offshore industry labels where each label/tally differs can be engraved and cut on these machines.

We also hold a large range of stock labels, primarily for the marine market and the boat safety scheme.

Ask for our boat safety label brochure.



Using a range of materials - brass, stainless steel and plastics, we can produce all types of label requirements.  We hold a wide range of colours and finishes for both interior and exterior use.

Logos and symbols can also be engraved.

We hold a large selection of engraving laminates in stock.



Engraved Name Boards


Using wood and brass we can produce house signs, tonnage boards etc. - from just machining the text to a finished sign infilled and varnished.

We can machine your own supplied material or we can supply a range from stock or special sizes /finishes to order.



 Printed Labels


Our full colour digital print machine can produce self adhesive labels, cut to any size and shape. This is a very cost effective way for both high and low volume work.

All our work is carried out in house giving us complete control over quality and delivery schedules.